• Have a couple of templates of the four case type (standard-slim dvd and cd cases)
  • Modified designs can be saved for later use
  • Every project has pages depending on the chosen case and a page for disc designing
  • Changes made to the active project can be un- or redone
  • Item placing, rotating, etc. can be done on preview
  • You can place up to ten labels on each page, each can be:
    • Single or multilined
    • Coloured and can select any font type
    • Rotated from 0 to 360 degrees
    • Aligned left, centre or right
  • Three lists can be placed on one page, but each can have
    • As many columns and rows as you want
    • Each cell has its own alignment
    • An overall colour and font type
  • Five images can be imported onto a page
    • Supported image formats: png, bmp, jpg
    • They can be scaled
    • They also can be rotated, but only squarely
    • They have order so you can place one in front of another
  • Exporting into image file
    • Supported formats: png, bmp, jpg
    • Can choose page to be exported
  • Printing
    • Uses GTK+ printing system
    • Has a special dialog with you may will be able to print even the disc design
    • Disc printing has some preconfigured printers
  • Lightscribe
    • Can use LaCie's Lightscribe labeler