Any help is appreciated very much!
Cross-platform issue:
Well, I was very positive about this issue, but it seems I won't make it. I don't have enough time to explore other operation systems. However, wxWidgets is cross-platform as you may know that already, and it should run everywhere with minimal modifications, I simply do not feel myself up to deal with such things. Even if I will not make DiscWrapper to run on Windows for example, I would be a partner if someone liked to maintain the support of a platform.
TODO list for 1.2.x:
- Rewrite project and template management so anyone can create and distribute an original design
- ImageStore loads very slowly... whether improve or preload and save thumbnails
- Add and update translations
- Improve bent label drawing on disc design
Forms of help:
- Help DiscWrapper to become popular by providing a link on your website. You may would like to use one of these.
- Contributions are gladly accepted from anyone. (image, package, script, document)
- You may join the development team of DiscWrapper. (DiscWrapper is written in C++ using the wxWidgets library)
Please attach your contribution to the Patches tracker, and use the comments area to describe it. Thank you.